Marketing Strategy / Brand & Identity / Web Development 

Company Background

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Relogistics is the leading provider of reusable transport packaging and pallet management services. Relogistics supports customers at over 50 locations and processes more than 325,000 trailers handling about 81 million pallets and 110 million reusable totes annually.

Our Work

We performed an in-depth brand audit for Relogistics that focused on delivering an analysis of the current state of their business from a marketing perspective. Through extensive interviews with key stakeholders, we helped identify their unique service and product offerings, their value proposition, and their brand ideas, tone, and characteristics. Our work needed to elevate and position the company as a professional brand that offered high-quality services to the world’s largest and most complex supply chains.

Our full analysis and executive summary grounded our comprehensive branding design and ultimately a new website. In addition to designing a logo, mark, colors, typography, patterns, and iconography, we also created a new sub-brand for an essential client-facing software identity. From business cards to their annual meeting design experience, we re-imagined and realigned the Relogistics brand experience.

The logo is the most important element of the brand. The reverse arrow on the R” speaks to reverse logistics and also to the core missions of the company: reduce, reuse, recycle. We used a bright spring green heavily across the logo and brand to emphasize the environmental mission of the company. 

Additionally, we developed a communication and iconography system that supports their unique services and solutions offering and serves as a powerful visual aid to help translate the core brand message: refining the most complex retail supply chains in the world.

The Takeaway

By reexamining their unique offerings and solutions to their most successful clients, we helped Relogistics redefine their marketing and sales approach to more effectively communicate their value proposition.